New JIRA tracker

Congratulations with the new tracker system, it looks good.

However, 2 issues with accompanying requests:
-1- Session time-out:

I was entering a new issue and during that I was doing some other things. I
think, that all in all, it took me some 10 minutes. When I pressed the
submit button I got an error that I first had to login! Text lost!

Request: Please enlarge the session time-out!

As I have had too many problems with web forms, I tend to copy large pieces
of texts to the clipboard before submitting a form. So I did this time, thus
2nd try , whicht led to the 2nd issue:

-2- Database reindexing

I entered the same issue once more (which took me just a minute because I
had the text on the clipboard). I pressed the submit button and ... got the

" JIRA is currently being reindexed. Depending on how large the issue
database is, this may take a few minutes. Jira will automatically become
available as soon as this task is complete.
This process is 0% Completed. "

Though it is hard to believe that modern databases need offline reindexing,
I will accept that fact as well as the fact that you do so at night. But
remember that night at your place means evening in Western Europe and
afternoon in the USA. And these are probably the regions where most of your
customers are located.

Request: Please postpone this reindexing to late your night, not just after
twelve your time.

(BTW: it does not take a few minutes, it takes about an hour, looking at the
progress page that gets nicely updated automatically.)

Kind regards,
Erwin Derksen

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