This product hosed my visual studio 2005 installation

Every JetBrains product I've ever tried has screwed up my machine. I made the mistake last night of installing the latest version of ReSharper on my newly formatted laptop with VS2005. After running the installer, the hotfix took forever to run, and then when I finally launched VS2005 I got a big ugly error from ReSharper, and now none of my projects or solutions will open. Anytime I open a solution file, it says it's loading each project, but then in the solution explorer all projects say "Unavailable".

Please get out of this business. You guys stink.

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Being an unhappy person does not necessarily mean you have to be a sad person.

Maybe you could have taken the time to write down the error message and include it in your post. Support of these 'stinking' guys is pretty good, just provide some info instead of flaming right away.


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