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I installed resharper 2.5 (uninstalled 2.0 and then installed 2.5) and now appear to be having some problems with the design view of pages within Visual Studio 2005.

There are no longer any scroll bars for the design view and I can't even use the arrow keys or mouse scroll wheel to scroll the view to get to page elements into view. These pages worked fine in design view before the resharper 2.5 installation. One of the pages is master page based and the other is not ... Makes no difference.

I've attached a screen shot.

Anyone else experiencing anything like this? It's pretty much ruining my day.

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Hey Jon, I'm a total noob, but I have an idea. Did you try switching the window layout? Click tools, options, then switch to Multiple documents instead of Tabbed. I like this interface better anyway. Maybe that will fix it. Either way, maybe switching back to Tabbed documents will "reset" something in there somewhere?


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