Unit Test Runner Derived Test Fixtures

Has anyone tried this or seen the same problem I am having when using Unit Test Runner with Nunit?

I have test fixture class that uses a base class that handles much of my tests fixtures base functionality along with some common tests.

Unit Test Runner shows these tests in its window but will not run them. It simply ignores them when asked to run or debug them.

The tests are executed properly in the Nunit GUI (and other tools).


public class BaseClass

void Setup()

<-- Won't run
public void ExampleBaseTest()

public class DerivedClass
<--- Will Run
public void DerivedTest()

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We appreciate your feedback.

The corresponding JIRA request has been created, and you are welcome to monitor
its status at http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/RSRP-34618.

Best regards,
- Development Team.


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