Creating static delegating methods to static methods in another class

Hi there,

would there be any possibility in the near future to also create delegates to static methods of another class ?

I am working in a young development team, and as part of quality assurance, we are writing lots of unit tests.
We were using Visual Studio Quality Tools UnitTesting Assert, but then saw all the possibilities of NUnit.
So we wrote a wrapper for both of these Assert classes. (all methods are static).
Now we have one assert (our own), that merely delegates to any unit test framework desired (NUnit and VS for now).

But to add some domain specific asserts, it would be proper to have a separate assert class in the same unit test project, that ADDs methods for domain specific language. But then everybody is using two assert classes: one for the domain specific and one for the default (VS and NUnit) asserts. It would be best if there were just one Assert class we use in our unit tests, with delegates to all the specific methods from the above mentioned wrapper.

Since these are all static methods, Resharper delegate generation doesn't really help us. I think the implementation of this would not be that difficult, so I keep my hopes up.

What would you think ?

Thx for your thoughts.


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We appreciate your feedback.

The corresponding JIRA request has been created, and you are welcome to monitor
its status at

Best regards,
- Development Team.


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