Ctrl-V --> my code gets reformatted and I don't want that

I'm trying to use ReC#, and there is this major annoying thing which gets on my nerves atm. Let's say I have the lines (for whetever reason):

private<1tab>bool<1tab>bBool1<1space>=<1tab><1tab>true; <1tab>private<1tab>bool<1tab>bBool2<1space>=<1tab><1tab>true; Let's say I copy "false" with CTRL-C. I double-click on the 1st "true" on the line#1, and then my code gets all reindented, my <1tab> are eaten somehow. Can I get around this, since I'd like to get my code, which I indented myself already with some <1tab>]]>, the way it was before the CTRl-V ?

(If you're asking why I do this, this is because when I have a lot of declarations, for example, with short and long names, I like to have all the names on the same X-line, and all their values on the same X-line too).


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