How to use ALT-C Columnar copy and CTRL-arrow keys

I use the Brief keymap built into Visual Studio (yes, that's a very old keymap so I guess I am too).

I use the Brief columnar copy funcitonality all the time. I hit ALT-C and I can copy a block of text. While hi-lighting the block of text, if I hit CTRL arrow to advance the hi-light by a word instead of single space, I lose the hi-light and the copy is messed up.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

Is there a way to work around this problem without abandoning the Brief keymap?


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Sorry, I figured this one out on my own. It turns out ReSharper just changed the key mapping of CTRL-right-arrow and CTRL-left-arrow, and I restored them incorrectly. Restoring the keymappings to the Brief-specific commands resolved the issue.


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