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Hi all,

I'm currently evaluating ReSharper 2.5.337.0 and have found one thing about automatic completion to be very annoying: when typing code, space bar commits the current selection in the completion list.

This is especially a problem when writing generic functions, when a template starts with a common set of letters, or when I write code "out of order" (e.g. using a variable or class before having written the code to declare it). Can this be turned off? Visual Studio has this "Completion Lists - Committed by pressing the space bar" option, but I haven't found a similar option for ReSharper.

Now, why exactly do I find this annoying? To illustrate, consider the following code:

class C {
public T Foo]]>() { ... }

On pressing space bar after typing the first T, ReSharper changes the T into TargetException... I have to undo, press space again, and go on typing. (Or remember to press Escape every time.)

But it's not only with generics. For unit testing, there is a "setup" template. With this template, I still want to be able to write the following code:

public int Property {
get { ... }
set { ... }

However, ReSharper changes "set" to "setup" when I press space bar after having typed "set". Again, undo, retype space.

Very annoying feat of the otherwise very great and helpful tool. How can I turn it off?

Best regards,

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I am also interested in this same issue. Is there any recommendation from


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