Resharper's Quaterly Evaluation

I have both Resharper and CodeRush; though I usually have CodeRush disabled.
As CodeRush recently had an update, I decided I would compare them again.

As per usual, I missed Resharper more than I thought I would. I missed the
member and type navigation just as much as the last time I tried this, but
working without "in-place code analysis" felt like I was flying without instruments.
Code analysis gives me lots of confidence to move on; whereas I dreaded the
next compile without code analysis. Coding with confidence is a good feeling.

That being said, two CodeRush features gave me confidence that I do not get
from Resharper:

Firstly, I really like seeing cyclometric complexity for each member. The
Resharper Cyclometric Complexity is too quite and selective in that it only
shows complexity where it exceeds a threshold. This does not impart confidence
as there could be lots of members just beneath that threshold. Plus, the
Resharper add-in's threshold always resets to 20 upon closing. Sure, I could
write my own serialization code ... but I'm just trying to use it to feel
more confident about my own code.

Secondly, the CodeRush method of previewing changes imparts more confidence
than that in Resharper. One aspect is that I don't have to wait for the dialog.
This is soft and fuzzy, but it seems like less of a commitment to see the
preview drawn on top of the code. Another aspect is that the CodeRush preview
"looks" more informative simply because it is more pretty. The Resharper
dialog for Extract Method, for example, is actually a bit more powerful because
you can change parameters and the return type, but CodeRush's drawing of
the preview on top of my code seemed easier to digest and refuse, if need be.

Beyond those two anecdotes, I'm happy to be back to using Resharper. I'm
wondering, though, when might we see a better cyclometric complexity tool?

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Hello flipdoubt,

Thanks for your report, it is important for us to know your opinion!

As for code metrics, we are moving there. Please read my article about metrics,
it describes background (

I believe ReSharper team most likely will introduce suggestion system sooner

or later, and then implement "code smells", including code metrics, and other
useful suggestions that will help you write better code.

In ReSharper 3.0 we already introduced suggestions and are working on an
ability to suppress specific suggestion or warning in specific place. After
that, we will have a system in place to deal with false positives and will
begin adding more code-smell analysis.

Ilya Ryzhenkov

JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


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