ReSharper 3.0 Minor Issues

I installed ReSharper 3.0 tonight (letting it uninstall ReSharper 2.5.2) and I'm noticing the following minor issues. Note that I elected to use Visual Studio style shortcuts.


I pressed CtrlR, CtrlR to rename a variable and ReSharper brings up a dialog with the text "Shortcut CtrlR mapped to ReSharper action ReSharper.ReSharper_Rename conflicts with the following Visual Studio shortcuts:". The list includes every Visual Studio shortcut that begins with CtrlR (Rename, ExtractInterface, PromoteLocalVariable, RemoveParameters, ReorderParameters, RunCodeAnalysisonSelection). I accepted the default "Use Resharper command" and clicked OK, but it had no effect the first two times I clicked OK. The third time the shortcut seemed to stick.


After renaming one of the public static class members (e.g. using the Rename dialog), the cursor disappeared from the edit window (or at least was invisible). Apparently the cursor is working because I can see the dropdowns at the top of the edit window change to reflect the name of the item under the cursor and the screen scrolls, but I can't see the cursor. I Alt-Tab'd out of Visual Studio and the cursor reappeared.


The To-do Explorer shows a duplicate entry for some reason. I currently have three comment notes in my code:

// WARN: Setting the field to this value is just wrong!
// TODO: Correct the date/time format string.

What I see in the To-do Explorer is:

WARN: Setting the field to this value is just wrong!
WARN: Setting the field to this value is just wrong!
Note - application/ is the format
TODO: Correct the date/time format string.
Note - application/ is the format

The last Note line comes from the resource file for a Windows form. I have no idea where the two lines highlighted in red come from. I can click on the lines in black to the go to the note, but clicking on the lines highlighted in red do nothing. I also found that I can change the WARN comment and immediately see the change in second line above, but the first line (in red) remains unchanged as if it is a ghost from some unknown location. If it helps, this is the regular expression I used when adding WARN to the To-do Items:


I created the regular expression by copying TODO, then adding the colon between the parentheses. I did this because the original regular expressions were detecting a lot of false positives. The BUG item, for example, highlights in this way:

// LT Corrected a bug in the state table
// BUG: This is a problem

It's a minor point, but it seems only the second and third items should be highlighted. Seeing the first item in the To-do Explorer ("bug in the state table") might result in a bit of confusion. More to the point, I was seeing a lot of items in the To-do explorer that were of the first form in which developers inserted comments about fixing some bug in the code.


When I dock the To-do Explorer in the bottom frame (the one where Error List, Task List, and Output are by default), the two dropdown boxes reposition themselves up/down/right/left by a few pixels (like a little dance) for several seconds.

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