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I wanted to try out the Visual Studio shortcut scheme, but when I hit the shortcut for "Introduce Variable..." (CtrlR,V) I get a Shortcut Conflict with the existing shortcut CtrlV unless I release the Control key BEFORE I press "V". I think this is kind of awkward. Usually in Windows with such a shortcut you can hold down the Control key for both the R and the V without the V being mis-interpreted as Ctrl+V. Am I missing something? I'd rather not reassign Ctrl-V as it is such a basic shortcut.

PS. The other refactor shortcuts seem to behave as I would expect. E.g., CtrlR,F is not mis-interpreted as CtrlF when I hold down the Control key through the F; and CtrlR,M is not mis-interpreted as CtrlM. Ctrl+R,V is the only one giving me trouble so far.

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