Nunit - "Selected Items do not contain any tests" Error

I'm still evaluating Resharper 3.0 (so far great!!) and am trying to run some unit tests.

In one project, I've gotten dll projects to debug fine. I copied all of the settings to a project which is a c# Windows Application. When I go to do a debug, I'm getting the error message in the subject line.

Any thoughts, beginning lines in test module is :


using NUnit.Framework;

namespace NC_FilesComparision {

internal class IngNC_FileForm1Test {

public void testLineParsing() {
NC_FilesComparision.Form1 form1 = new Form1();
string s1 = "";
string r1 = "";
int sResult = 0;
int rResult = 0;
int testNumb = 0;
const string outStr = "Test Number -";
Form1 f1 = new Form1();

f1.compareLines(s1, out sResult, r1, out rResult);
testNumb = 1;
Assert.IsTrue(sResult == 0, outStr + testNumb);

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Hello Tom,

internal class IngNC_FileForm1Test

Test fixture should be public.

Ilya Ryzhenkov

JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

TT> internal class


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