Resharper 3 (#508) Ctrl+N shows tempory file results


I'm looking for a type in my solution using Ctrl+N, and it is showing results from the ASP.NET tempory folder which are auto-generated as partial classes.

Is there a way of excluding this path from being parsed?



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Are you talking about classes, that correspond to web pages (i.e.
ASP.Default_aspx) or parts of the code-behind classes that are implicitly
defined within .aspx pages?

If yes, both the classes present in your website and are accessible from
code-behind. So we should not remove them from 'goto type' list. But, it
might be a reasonable feature to add the ability to filter types out.

Sergey V. Coox
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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I have found what the issue is. We have a project in our solution that refences our own webservice, and it is creating hte proxy classes. hence resharper is correctly indexing them also.

TBH, the problem is one ofr looking at a better architectural solution by using an in proc facade instead of the webservice.

Thanks for your reply.



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