Resharper 3 and ASP.Net

Just installed ReSharper 3 on VS2005 andd VS2008 and I'm seeing the same problem on both.

In my ASPX page I have a control (a GridView called eventsView) which I reference in the code behind. In the code behind ReSharper recognizes the control, so that the name eventView is not 'hightlighted' but I can get any intellisense for the control and I any methods/properties I use on the control are highlighted.

This is with ReSharper 3.0.2.

Sorry if this is a FAQ but I couldn't find anything on it,


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There was a bug with tagprefix asp mapped to some namespaces (say, in
web.config) which resulted in similar behavior. It was fixed in 3.1RC. I
would recommend using the most recent 3.1 nightly build, that can be
downloaded from

Sergey V. Coox
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Thanks Sergey,

that solves the problem for me in both VS2005 and VS2005.

Now, if only I could get the same response to OMEA bugs :)



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