Problems using Resharper 3.0.2 for Visual Studio 2008

I tried the new version of Resharper for Visual Studio 2008 but I'm going to disinstall it because it gives me a lot of false errors for most all System.Web.UI.WebControls variables (all events and properties are not resolved and also the intellisense gives no choice ...

Ex: txtExample.Text gives the error "Cannot resolve symbol 'Text'" and 'no suggestion' is given after writing txtExample).

Did I make some mistake in the installation/configuration of Resharper or, till now, this product have problems wih Visual Studio 2008 (more over it doesn't support C# 3.0)?
Waiting for some suggestion how to proceeed,

Kind Regards

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Could you create a sample solution for us?

Sergey V. Coox
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Sorry sot the delay in my answer ...
I contacted also by email the support and Andrey Serebryansky kindly suggest me to download ReSharper 3.1 RC which is
available here:

The new version I downloaded from that link solved the problems I suddenly saw. In the next days (when I'll use the tool more actively) I'll check if everything is completely OK.

Thank you for the time beeing.


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