"Alt + Enter" no longer works with 3.1 ON VS 2008

I cannot get the "Alt + Enter" shortcut to work anymore.

I can reset the settings, hit the keystrokes and get the warning about the keystroke conflict, tell it to use Resharper and then nothing.

Not a damn thing.

I was on 3.0.2 and it did not work. Upgraded to 3.1 and it does not work.

Any help is appreciated.


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I cannot get the "Alt + Enter" shortcut to work anymore.

What are the Visual Studio keybindings for the Alt+Enter gesture? Are there
any bindings for the action called QuickFix? If you bind it to some other
gesture, does it work? Are there any possibly-conflicting add-ins installed?

Generally, it should work on any VS version without any special efforts.

Serge Baltic
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i've spent many days trying to fix this thing and it simply won't work - every time i start VS i know some or most of the shortcuts will be broken. think sth out please - this is very very irritating, i waste 30 min every day fixing shortcuts for either VS or resharper and then exporting them believing it's ok only to find out they are f**ed up for some reason next time i start VS. ACT!


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