ASP.NET and Designer partial classes

Hi all,

Resharper currently has an inspection that catches when a new member has been introduced in a subclass that hides the member of the same name in the base class. This is a great inspection and has caught a number of my mistakes in the past.

However, with ASPX pages we have a problem. You see, at our company we have elected not to use the designer classes associated with ASPX pages. This is for performance reasons related to our heavy use of custom controls. (not sure why exactly, but not using the designer drastically improved VS performance) The reason this is a problem is that when we don't use the designer partial classes, we are forced to declare the UI controls in the actual code-behind file. This again is not a problem in principle, but unfortunately Resharper does not detect the fact that we are no longer using partial classes for our code-behind pages. Thus it assumes that the fields we declare for the UI controls collide with the supossed declarations in the designer partial class of our code-behind (that of course doesn't exist).

I would be happy with two possibilities:

Have Resharper actually check if there is a collision in the partial class and thus not report the error in our use-case since there is no collision (and no partial class).


Allow us to disable this inspection for ASPX files.

If this seems like a useful feature that I should submit to tracker please let me know and I would be happy to oblige. Thanks for any guidance,


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Could you create a few-file website that illustrates the problem?

Sergey V. Coox
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Hi Sergey,

Certainly, I'll be happy to. I'll attach it here later today.




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