Extract to User Control

Hello Resharper team!

I am currently evaluating R#4 and I'm very happy with the stability,speed and features. Especialy the new installer is very good (I use VS2005&2008 on the same machine).

I have a confession to make though. I installed Refactor Pro ASP.NET edition. Yes, I was tempted .... they advertised with and "extract to user control" feature wich almost does what it promises (I had to manualy make some correction to a namespace each time).

There are some other nice featuers (like extract class from style attribites) and a lot of fluff.

The "Extract to user control" however is realy usefull! Could you give the ASP.NET devs some more love and make this a refactoring in R#4 :D

Kind Regards, Tom Pester
Registred user since R#2

PS. once I noticed devexpress killed the F2 schorcut to rename I uninstalled it promptly.

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