3.1 to 4.x Upgrade

sorry if this has been answered before, i tried searching for the answer but didn't find it.

we are at a crossroads. we are using VS2005/C#, targeting .NET 2.0 and want to buy resharper.

however, VS2008 just came out and will probably move to that as quickly as we can, as long as we can still target .NET 2.0 (maybe).

so, the question is: if we spend the cash (for about 20 developers) to get v3.1 of Resharper, are we going to have to turn around and buy v4.x, or is there an free upgrade option (given the purchase date or whatever), or will v3.1 work with VS2008?

i doubt if we will target the C# v3.0 compiler with VS2008, as an FYI.

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VS 2008 only targets one compiler. That compiler only targets one runtime version. Your choice of framework version for each project only affects the language features and libraries available. You can develop for 2.0 just fine with VS 2008, as long as you bear in mind that if you are targeting pre-SP1 2.0 there will be libraries on your machine that are part of your 2.0 SP1 install that bare 2.0 machines won't have. There are lists published for the SP1 additions on a few blogs out there.

As for the upgrade, one of the JetBrains folk can confirm this but from what I understand new buyers of 3.1 get a 4.0 upgrade free.

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from what I understand new buyers of 3.1 get a 4.0 upgrade free.

Any R#3 license bought after the R# 3.1 release will also unlock R#4.

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thank you very much! that's the info i needed!


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