R#3.1 (612): failed refactoring leaves text in "locked" state


Cancelling out of Extract Variable, because of a conflicting name, causes
the selected text to be "locked".

For example, given this code:

int i = 0;
string hashString = new object().GetHashCode().ToString();

1. select "new object().GetHashCode()", and Extract Variable
2. enter "i" as the variable name, and click Next
3. on the screen that warns of conflicting variable names, click Cancel
4. you are returned to the editor

The "new object().GetHashCode()" text is still selected, and cannot be
unselected or modified. Hitting ESC does nothing. If you try to edit the
selected text, you get a pop up error saying "This text may not be modified.
It may be in use by a designer or is not intended for direct editing."

Also, some of ReSharper's functionality stops working. For example, ctrl-/
no longer comments a line (any line, not just the line with the locked

There is a build 613 available on
http://www.jetbrains.net/confluence/display/ReSharper/Nightly+Builds but
clicking on the Fixed Issues link lists no issues as being fixed in this
build. So I haven't updated to it.



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