Cleanup Code and partial class

- fooForm.Custom.cs <--- can't cleanup this code
- fooForm.Designer.cs
- fooForm.resx

When I have a partial class file at the same level as the fooForm.designer.cs file I'm unable to trigger Cleanup Code. I made my partial class file dependent on the main form file to keep things nice and tidy.

Can we please get the Cleanup Code enabled for all code files?


Edited by: John on Aug 1, 2008 4:25 PM

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John, this does not help you in your quest but partial classes exhibit other problems. For example, add a button to a form. Double-click to create the button handler. Create a new partial class and move the button handler into that source file. Go back to the designer and double-click on the button. Notice that it takes you to the form source file and not the partial class source file where the button handler is. If RS has a problem with partial classes then I wonder if they are not inheriting the same set of problems created by Microsoft in the first place? ;)


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