Shortcut Keys for Running unit tests


Does anyone know if there are any shortcuts to running unit tests? I understand that there are shortcuts to get to the two unit test windows, I'd just really like to be able to contextually run tests (within a test method, run that test, within a tet fixture, run those tests).

I've tried to search to find out how, but they are quite loaded terms.


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Not that I've been able to find in a quick look-around, and I for one really wish there were shortcuts for things like running the test that the caret is located in, running all tests in the current test session, and perhaps some that are equivalent to right-clicking on various nodes in the Solution Explorer and choosing Run Unit Tests, with one for each of at least the current project and the whole solution available as assignable shortcuts.

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There are commands listed in the Tools - Options - Keybaord dialog of VS2008 for resharper unit test runner


Have you tried assigning a keyboard shortcut to these, because I use MSTF and its own test runner, I run all my tests using its shortcut of ctrl r + a, and to run an individual test I either click on the resharper icon (I have Gallio installed) or use test context menu to run the test.

hope this helps, and have fun

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That's it! Thank you, works a charm. Now I know where to look next time I need a shortcut too...


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