IntelliSense in Watch Window is missing

Since I installed R# I've noticed that IntelliSense in the Watch Window has disappeared. Can anyone tell me if:

a) This is expected
b) There is a way to restore it
c) Why this has happened
d) If I can't restore it 3 reasons why I shouldn't uninstall R# :)

Thanks in advance!!


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The intellisense is deactivated because Resharper has its own better one (well, at least I find it better). The catch is that resharper cannot apply its own intellisense to the watch/debugging window. Think of it as a limitation of visual studio plugin development :)

So you have 2 options: Ctrl + Space will still call the default intellisense in these cases, so its just the auto-popup thats ogne. Second option is in the resharper options, you can restore the Visual studio default intellisense (while still using all other resharper features).

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