Failed tests under R#'s runner while any other test runnners pass the test

I have some integration tests that reads some values from Windows Registry. When I'm running them with Resharper's Test Runner tests are failing. Failing behavior is most likely is due the lack of security permissions.

While running same tests with any other test runner (NUnit Console, TestDriven.NET, Gallio) tests are passing without any problem.

Can anybody have a solution for this problem?
It's very annoyng to run unit tests with external tools...

- Windows Vista x64 SP1. UAC disabled
- Resharper 4.1 licenced
- VS 2008 SP1

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- Windows Vista x64 SP1.

Could this be the issue?

Possibly, the UTR process and the console tools have different bit depth,
which results in their looking into different Registry hives, straight and

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I'm sure that the x64 is the issue here. Since same tests has no issues when I've worked on x86 and stiill have no issues now for my mates that still working on x86.

Btw, same thing I've confirmed already to your Support. I've done few emails few days ago with Andrey Serebryansky which asked me for same thing. Moreover, I wrote a unit test that shows the issue. What I can do more to help this bug be fixed?

The failing test:

using Microsoft.Win32;
using NUnit.Framework;

namespace Server.IntegrationTests
    public class RegistryAccessFixture
        public void Should_be_able_to_read_a_value_from_registry_in_Vista_x64()
            var value = Registry.GetValue


It's was a single pain when moving to x64. No other application from a typical dev box failed. Everything run fine, except Resharper. Hope it will be fixed soon.

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Just checked the EAP 4.5, build 1144. Same behavior. R# isn't running tests properly.

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Any news on this issue?

Any chanse that if i'll create a Jira issue somebody will pay more attention to it?


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