Resharper debugging unit tests + Rhino Mock

I'm using Resharper+ NUnit + Rhino Mocks and when I trying to debug this piece of code (rightclick->Devug Unit Tests):

        public void TestRegistrateUser()
            string result = null;
            IRegView view = repository.StrictMock<IRegView>();
            RegViewPresenter presenter = new RegViewPresenter(view);

            using (repository.Record())
            using (repository.Playback())
                result = presenter.RegistrateUser();
            Assert.AreEqual("LastName is empty", result);

I get the following message:

There is no source code available for the current location.

This happens when I leave the Playback section. Then Rhino Mocks calls verifyAll(). Is there a way to avoid this warning message? When I am using + debugger I don't get this warning.

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