Cannot exclude files or folder from R# in VS2008 solution

I have a folder as part of my visual studio 2008 solution that contains files which can be huge (200MB+)

The file types are xml, csv, and txt.

The problem I'm seeing is that Resharper seems to be parsing them when I don't want them to.   This is causing my IDE footprint to grow huge and ultimately give me an out of memory exception (which comes from R#)

I tried setting the NamespaceProvider property to False but it does not seem to make a difference.    When I disable R# I do not get this problem.

I am using:
- Visual Studio 2008 V 9.0.3079.1 SP
- .NET FW 3.5 SP1
- JetBrains ReSharper add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0. ReSharper 4.5 Full Edition build 4.5.1231.7

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