[1252] QuickFix Accelerators

I have noticed that the accelerators in the QuickFix menu for undefined
variables change from variable to variable. I.E., I have a number of just
referenced variables that I want to create as properties. I select the
variable name, invoke the QF (Alt-Enter) and the menu has the item "Create
property 'Variable'". In the majority of cases, the "r" in Create is
underlined and I can select by hitting "r" to create the property. However,
sometimes it is the last letter in the variable name that is underlined.
This inconsistency causes me to have to stop and look at the menu every time
it is popped.

It appears that the times that the last letter is selected is when the data
type of the variable in question is determined to be a Nullable value type -
but I can not confirm that that is the only time that it happens.

Can we get this to be consistent in a future release?



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