What is preventing you from buying ReSharper?

Well, first of all, ReSharper is an excellent product by all means . We have evaluated almost every release of ReSharper, we want to buy it but not yet. Why?

  1. Too slow on a large solution and/or large class file.
  2. Lag of NUnit Support.

Item No. 1 is no longer a major issue after the release of 4.5. Although it still take some time during startup but it is much faster then before. Good job, Thanks!

Today, the only thing preventing me from sending in a order for a set of enterprise licenses is the NUnit support. We have so many tests written in NUnit, most of them are data driven. Many newly developed test cases are using all sort of new features from NUnit 2.5. So when will ReSharper fully support NUnit? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. Looking at the view count of two related discussions below:


Common answers to the issue was:

Use gallio:

No that doesn't work for me. Maybe I'm missing something here but anybody in JetBrains care to write a tutorial if that is indeed a workaround.

License problem:

  1. Many had responded that there could be a missunderstanding here. You maybe able to late bind to NUnit test engine.
  2. TestDriven.Net does it already and it is also a commercial product.
  3. If none of above convinced you. How about create an open source plugin for ReSharper that works with NUnit to fullfill the license requirement? Or maybe help Gallio become the one?

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