Feature Request: Support for Text Transformation Files

As we move forward in the hopes of standardization and maintainability of
our code base, we are starting to use T4 (text files of type *.TT) to do
some code generation. As with any new(ish) technology, the use of these end
up requiring a fair amount of code be actually written in the file. The
currently available tools for working with these files is appalling bad.

While R# does help a little at the current time, I believe that if R#
provided additional support for T4 files, then JetBrains would have a very
strong presence in a very small (only one other produce provides any
support) market. I think that it would be great if R# could help in the
working with these files. I would think that it should not be a great leap
to working with these files as the code is in either C# or VB.NET - both of
which R# already knows how to work with.

Any chance of this type of support?

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