Unit tests not running in Unit Test Session explorer

Using VS2008 with Resharper 4.5.1274.1, I created a new C# MVC project.  Doing absolutely nothing to the project, I simply opened the HomeControllerTest.cs file to click the [TestClass] gutter icon to run all tests in that class.  The Unit Test Session explorer opens, the hierarchy shows all branches as hourglasses, then the progressbar turns all green and the icons turn to the gray/silver spheres.  The tests don't execute.

Oddly enough, the tests will execute successfully if I use the Alt-RUN command (run all unit tests in solution).  The tests will execute if I manually select all but one test in the session explorer.  The omitted test is not relevant; I could skip test 1 the first time, skip test 5 the second.  As long as one test is skipped, all other tests execute fine.  I can also use the gutter icon to selectively run one test, just not all tests within a TestClass.

I have attached screenshots of the unit test session explorer before the tests execute, after the tests execute and the project itself that was used in this test.

For some reason, this is affecting my installation of Resharper, but not a collegues installation.  We are working on a shared project and they have no issues with running the tests as expected, so I suspect this is workstation related, not project related.  To further support the workstation theory, I am able to duplicate this behavior through all of my projects, not just the attached test project.

I've tried removing/reinstalling Resharper.  I've removed the JetBrains folders in %userprofile%/Local Settings/Application Data and %userprofile%/Application Data, to no avail.  I've removed the JetBrains hives in HKCU/software and HKLM/software again with no change.

Any assistance would be appreciated.  If this is important, I'm currently using the demo license while investigating whether my company will pay for the application.

Unit test complete.PNG
Unit test starting.PNG
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After finally creating my post, I now find the following post from July that describes the issue that I'm having: http://www.jetbrains.net/devnet/thread/282945.  It would appear that this is a known issue.  Sorry for the post!


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