Intellisense Select Order by Length

When typing with intellisense, it seems to use a long property or method name before the short name.  For example, if I want the Text property of a TextBox, when I type "txtCompany.Te"  intellisense selectes "txtCompany.TextChanged" instead of "txtCompany.Text"

Is there a way to configure Resharpers Intellisense to prefer the short property or method over the large?


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I am not sure if it is true, but I have feeling that in previous version of Resharper (4.1?) there was an option to automatically preselect the longest matching item. I cannot find it any more (4.5). I also find it very annoying to get preselected "MessageQueueErrorCodeQueueClosed" (my method) when I type "MQ" and search for "MessageQueue". Therefore I am joining your request to enable this feature.



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