ReSharper 4.1 / VS 2008 SP1 / Windows 7 : IntelliJ Symbols not loading

Hi all

I have just received a lovely new machine at work running R#4.1, VS2008 SP1 and Windows 7 Enterprise, however when I try and enable the intellij symbols nothing seems to change. My previous machine running XP didn't have this issue so I can only assume this is something to do with Windows 7? I can still code without them but I am so used to them making reading code at a glance easier it'd be nice to get it up and running on the new machine.

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Hello Antony
     Could you please clarify what do you mean by "intellij symbols"? Thank you!

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If you go to ReSharper -> Options -> Environment/General, under the bold 'Appearance' header is a radio button choice of "Use symbol icons from" and either visual studio or IntelliJ IDEA.

Whichever I choose it doesn't make a difference when on XP and my previous machine it did.

Any ideas?



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