ReSponsive ReSharper

It would be great to have the following features so that resharper becomes more responsive during development:
The problem is that resharper sometimes takes a lot of time exactly when I don't have it.

a. Pause/Resume global button:
Button on VS taskbar: Pause/Resume resharper parsing
    Even if in the middle of parsing, will pause,

b. Stop/Start global button:
    Button on VS taskbar: Stop/Start resharper parsing
    A Quickly responsive button that will cancel resharper parsing and immediately free memory and CPU for the rest of the dev processing.

c. Pause on debug:
to pause resharper parsing.during debug. Should default to checked!
    During debugging vs tends to open many windows which are not being developed, but only to stop on breakpoints.
    The parsing can be resumed on request see <f>Pause/resume single file parsing

d. Offline parsing:
    Button on VS taskbar that will enable this file's parse only on request.

e. Lightweight parsing:
    Maximum open windows parsed / Max memory / diskspace for parse:
    Stop parsing if more than X windows are open, or some (small) amount of memory/diskspace exceeded
    Perhaps some smart algorithm can be used to discard unviewed parses.

f.. Pause/ resume single page parsing.

Thanks, Moshe

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