R# 5 shows html as plain text for error msgs when loading winform

I'm still developing winforms desktop apps. One thing that bothers me most is, when visual studio could not load a winform/component/control, it will show a html error page, but it seems R# traps the page and displays it in plain text in 1 long long line, which makes it impossible to read. I'm using VS2005SP1 + R# eap1611.

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     Could you please attach a screenshot demonstrating this problem? Does disabling ReSharper under Tools > Add-In Manager cure the issue? Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky

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Sorry my fault, it does not seem to be R#'s fault. I uninstalled R# and the problem is still there. I attached screen snapshot anyway. Anyone experiences the same problem?

BTW, using Tools>Add-In Manager to deactivate R# seems to be unavailable for EAP...


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