suggestion: apply multiple quickfixes from 'code issues' window

I'd love to be able to apply multiple quickfixes by right-clicking on a node (or multiple nodes) in the 'code issues' window.

for example, if that window is sorted by 'Issue Type', one could right-click on one of the issue type nodes (eg. 'Convert property to auto-property (15 issues)' ) and click to fix all the issues contained therein. presumably it would have to group when multiple quickfixes are available in each location.

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ok, i looked into implementing this, but it looks like it's impossible as there's no way to get from an IIssue back to an IHighlighting - the information is thrown away along the way. It seems that (beside a whole bunch of stuff being 'internal', ugh) the IssueData constructor throws away the highlightingType.

one question, why do you go through the bother of converting from IHighlighting->HighlightingInfo->DaemonStageResult->DaemonCommitContext->DocumentRange->IssueData->IssuePointer ? why not just pass the original IHighlighting around and extract the required info from that? maybe exposing it through an IHighlightingIssue might be nice...


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