Resharper 5 - Broken Context Menu Suggestion in ASP.NET Markup

I've noticed that Resharper has a tendency to offer context menu suggestions in ASP.NET markup that will fail depending on the level of "code-soup". Take the following code for example:

<% if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(Model.PrimaryContact.MapHtml)) { %>
<% }
   else {%>
<iframe width="100%" height="295" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0"
     marginwidth="0" src="<%=Url.Encode(string.Format("{0} {1}, {2} {3}", Model.PrimaryContact.Address, Model.PrimaryContact.City, Model.PrimaryContact.State, Model.PrimaryContact.PostalCode))%>&amp;mrt=yp&amp;output=embed">
<% }%>

A green squiggly line under the if gives me the context menu option: "Convert to method call with '?:' expression inside.". Clicking this option results in Visual Studio flickering a couple of times and then no code being changed. I am fairly confident this is because it is having problems picking the expression out of the opening and closing <% %> tags on each line, which is perfectly understandable, but the suggestion should not be offered if it won't actually be able to perform the change it shows.

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