Go to Type - Ehancement

It'd be great if 'Go to type' and 'Go to member' screens were merged.  A VERY frequent pattern that I type is:
Ctrl+N - go to type pops up
Foo - My Foo type pops up
enter - I'm at Foo
Ctrl+F12 - go to member pops up
Bar - My Bar method is displayed

Becuase ReSharper has made me ULTRA lazy(!), I just want to type:
Ctrl+N - Brings up the enhanced Go to type box
Foo - My Foo type pops up
, - the members pop up
Bar - My bar method is displayed

So, instead of typing Ctrl+N-Foo+Ctrl+F12+Bar, I just type Ctrl+N-Foo,Bar and I'm there!

Keep up the good work and do let me know if I can elobarate.



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