Highlight Current Line is not working

I enabled the "Highlight Current Line" option in Resharper and set a custom color in the Fonts and Colors options. It didn't work, the current line is not highlighted. Then I remembered I had set a custom background color for the Visual Studio editor. So I went back and set the background color for the editor to Automatic and now my current line is highlighted.

After trying a few different background colors it seems like it works for some colors but does not work for others. For example, it works if I set the background color to Yellow, Red, or Blue. But it does not work if I set the color to Green, Gray, or Silver.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm using Resharper 5.0.1659.36 and VS 2008.

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Try this:

Open Tools/Settings and then click Cancel button.

This solved problem in my case.

When you enable this feature it is necessary close file and reopen it to see highlighted line correctly in VS 2010.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I tried this but it didn't work.


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