"Go to file" dialog opens incorrect editor

I've seen this problem before on *.resx files in Re# 4.5, but Javascript files used to work fine. In Re#5+VS2010 that changed and has all of a sudden become a true pain...

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open up "Go to file" dialog
2. Enter a JS file name
Bug: the editor which opens up, does not support all the things JScript editor is supposed to support, e.g. it ignores "format completed block on }" setting.

Syntax coloring and IntelliSense still seem to work (though I didn't test much). If you load the same file from Solution Explorer - everything works fine.

Is there a setting to change this or is this a bug?

VS2010 10.0.30319.1 RTMRel
ReSharper 5 C# Edition 5.0.1659.36

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