Multiline indentation issues

I'm having trouble configuring ReSharper to indent all multi-line constructs by one TAB (or 4 spaces). For some language constructs this can be achieved by setting the Continuous line indent multiplier to 1. However, this setting also causes staircase indentation for other constructs as discussed on this topic:
Enabling the Align Multiline Constructs settings produces results closer to what I'm looking for. However, they align the multilines with the first line and usually indent the rows more than one TAB:

ReallyLongTypeName longVariableName = firstVariable +


With long variable names this often occupies so much horizontal space that I can't see all the relevant code when using two adjacent code editors on one display. Is it possible to somehow get one-tab indentation for all multiline constructs? If not, is it possible to have this added to a future version of ReSharper?

I'm using ReSharper 5.1 (Build 5.1.1700.249).

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