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Hi all,

I just switched from R# 3.5 to R# 5.0.

I'm noticing that in the quick fix menu (Alt+Enter), the hotkeys change based on what my cursor is on. For example, if I quick-fix an undeclared identifier _something, I can hit 'f' to create a field by that name. But if the identifier is _foobar, 'f' will instead make that a method parameter. It looks like the parameter hotkey is taking priority, and that's always based on the identifier.

I want consistent behavior, and ideally the same keystrokes in every case. Any suggestions? This doesn't seem like it'd be configurable.

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Yes, there is such a problem.

Unfortunately it cannot be solved while using one-character accelerators,
because there're too few letters in the alphabet to provide for all of the
items that can be seen together in the single menu in different combinations.
We have a possible solution, but I'm not sure as of when we'll be able to
implement it.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc — http://www.jetbrains.com
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