Resharper 5.1 renames Page_Init to PageInit, breaks web page

Hi Jetbrains,

Today I started using Resharper 5.1.

For our ASP.NET web application, ReSharper gives a warning for Page_Init, and suggests to rename it to PageInit.  However, if you do so, the function is no longer executed.

I can ignore the warning, but now it becomes hard to track other issues: the ReSharper bar is half yellow just from the naming suggestions. And I don't want to litter our application with suppression comments.

Is there a better fix?  Why doesn't resharper check if "Auto Event Wire" is set, and either ignore functions that have a forced name, or fix them correctly by wiring them during the rename?

Thanks for your reply.

P.S. In Opera, this web forum behaves strangely when you press enter while posting. It shifts a row down and leaves the cursor above the line you were typing on!

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