ReSharper compile incorrectly gives "Cannot resolve symbol" error


I have a non-static class with a static public property on it.  When I try to access this property from another class via ClassName.Property, ReSharper produces a Cannot resolve symbol error, and also doesn't find it in IntelliSense.  Normal VS IntelliSense finds it fine, however, and it also compiles.  I am using 5.1.1727.12 in VS 2010.  Is this a known bug?  Really happy with 5.1 otherwise so far though.


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It turns out this problem is due to ReSharper not being able to find the class which contains the static property, as I'm not able to navigate to its definition, and whenever I qualify it with the namespace out front, it works fine and the error goes away.  The class I'm using the property in and the class that holds the property are both in the same namespace, so I'm not sure why ReSharper is having trouble seeing it.  Any ideas?


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