Attributes invalid or neglectible for controls not inherited from Control

I have a project with a bunch of controls. All of those controls inherit from a single base class: ControlBase. ControlBase inherits from UserControl.

Every time I reference one of my custom controls in ASP.Net markup, I get the following error and warning

Id attribute is invalid for tags that are not inherited from Control

Runat attribute is neglectible for tags that are not inherited from Control

ReSharper should check further up the chain to see if the attributes are valid or not neglectible (is neglectible a word? I think neglectable is).


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Hi Eric!

What version are you using?

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I created a sample application and didn't get the error/warning.

I looked further, and it doesn't always happen in my main project. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it works for some controls on page, but not on other controls on the same page. It's weird. Anyway, unfortunately I can't send you the source code for this project.

If I get it to fail on a sample project, I'll send you the project. But until then, I would just ignore this.


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I am facing the same issue. I am using Resharper 5.1 with Visual studio 2010 ultimate. Please let me know any suggestion to fix this resharper error.


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