Disable Inspection for XML Comments

Anyone know of a way to disable the inspections for XML Comment/Documentation? I'm only able to disable it with the #pragma warning disable 1591 . Is there no option to disable it in the Settings for Inspection Severity? Seems like a rather large missing piece. Extremely frustrating...

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Open the project properties, navigate to 'Build' tab and add 1591 to 'Suppress
warnings' field. This will disable CS1591 for the whole project. Alternatively,
you can just turn off 'XML documentation file' option on the same options
page. Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky
Senior Support Engineer
JetBrains, Inc
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Ah, I didn't even think to check that. I wasn't aware that Resharper would look at those and take cues off of the build settings for inspections. Thanks for the answer, it worked perfectly.


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