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I'm looking for a function or shortcut to sort all properties, methods, enum values, etc in an alphabetic order. As far as I understand I can use some layout templates which do the job. But I appreciate that kind of functionality in the "File Structure" window e.g.. Just select the class or enum and click the "Sort" button (context menu works as well ;-) ).
Do I miss something?


Andrey Serebryansky

     Such functionality (Reorder members) is available as part of the Code Cleanup feature (ReSharper > Code > Cleanup Code). The Full Cleanup profile includes this functionality by default, alternatively you can create your own custom profile under ReSharper > Options > Code Cleanup. You can set one of the profiles to be used during silent cleanup and then invoke it (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F in ReSharper 2.x/IDEA scheme or Ctrl+E, F in Visual Studio scheme) when necessary. In order to fine-tune how members get sorted and organized, you can edit the pattern under ReSharper > Options > Languages > C# > Type Member Layout. Thank you!

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Also have a look at
(You can create custom templates not to use regions but simply group/sort members).

Works great together with resharper's file structure window (I use a keyboard shortcut macro which "regionates" the code and then performs tidy-up with Resharper).
Only drawback really is that if you have breakpoints in current file they will be deleted since the file layout changes.

*Edit-for-this-very-old-post: This is a stupid suggestion, using RS's type members layout is better.


How do you modify the Type Member Layout to achieve alphabetic sorting?

If my code use one region for each of these:

  • fields
  • properties
  • methods
  • constructors

I need each region to be sorted so that each object is sorted alphabetically?

How do I modify the Type Member Layout to do this?

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See <Match> (<Kind Is="..."/>), <Sort> (<Name/>) and <Group Region="my region"/>


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