Suggestion: Add Color sample aid to XAML files

It would be nice when editing a XAML file to show exactly what colour is represented by its textual representation.

e.g. hovering over an attribute such as Color="#FFD0EBFF" currently shows "SolidColorBrush.Color" in a tooltip.

It would be helpful if underneath the text in the tooptip was shown

1) A rectangle of the exact colour this represents.

2) Where it is a known colour, the name of the colour. e.g. "AliceBlue"



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Have you tried R# 6.0 EAP builds?
Please, provide us any feedback related to color underlining in XAML
files. Thanks.

Kirill Falk
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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Is it also working in a code file?
I have another addin for visual studio which has such a function and I just want to know if I can disable it then^^


Ok I have tested Resharper 6 EAP and I have to say your color hint is really sexy :)


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