Advice on improving Resharper 5.0 performance with VS2010

I am using the Release version of VS 2010 with the latest R# 5.0 build (release build and not nightly).
I run all this on a MacBook Pro with 4GN of RAM running Windows 7 using BootCamp.

I tried VS without R# and it performs very well but as soon as I install R#, editing the files becomes painfully slow.Scrolling up and down the .cs files is very laggy for example but the slowness is noticeable on a lot of other actions.
I already turned off the solution-wide code analysis but it's still slow. Are there other things we can "tweak" in the settings or things we can turn off to improve the performance without removing too much of the R# functionality?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated because I don't want to have to uninstall R# and lose the money I spent on the license



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