ReSharper breaks pseudoexecuting JS intellisense

I've just installed a trial of ReSharper 6 in VS2010. I love that VS can provide really accurate intellisense in JS because it pseudo-executes the code (description:
However, Resharper seems to break this nice feature and shows a lot of wrong suggestions in the auto completion popup. Let us look at an example.

var x = 2;

When typing the dot following the x, VS (with ReSharper) will show the following suggestions (cut down):

- toExponential()
- toFixed()
- toPrecision()
- ...

This is like it should be when the type is Number. However, the following code does not work like expected with ReSharper:

var x = "hello";
x = 2;

Clearly VS should show the same suggestions as for the above code - and it does without ReSharper - but with ReSharper it shows the following (again cut down):

- charAt()
- concat()
- indexOf()
- ...

As you can see, this is the auto completion for String, not Number.

Is this behavior on purpose or is it a bug? If it is on purpose how do I turn it off?

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