Interface/class member changes not being respected across projects


I am running Resparper 5.1 Build 5.1.3000.12 on 2011-01-28T05:05:56 - Visual Studio 2010. My problem started a few weeks back, when I change the members of an interface of class in my production project the changes are not showing up in my unit test project within the same solution. I have solution wide analysis enabled but in the unit test project it's not 'seeing' changes being made in the production project. One note is that I'm using assembly references rather than project references but we've been using assembly references for a long time and my problem started in the last few weeks.

I had been working in bigger solutions (~25 projects) where I had some projects unloaded but this morning I decided to make a new solution with just the production and unit test projects and after changing a method signature on an interface in the production project my unit tests no longer build (althought Resharper thinks it should) but when I change the signature in the unit test project resharper identifies it as a build error and indicates I need to change the method back to the original signature, the intellisense still shows the old method signature. In our larger solutions the cache appears to get in an even worse state, most unit test classes are filled with Resharper compile errors as it doesn't seem to recognize classes from several of the production projects.

I've tried clearing my cache ( Resharper -> General -> Clear Caches) and executing the 'Reanalyze files with errors' but so far the only way I've been able to get Resharper to see my interface/class changes between projects is to restart Visual Studio. My guess is the cache isn't being updated correctly for the unit test project but I'm out of ideas to try to make it work.

Is there a setting or option I have messed up? Or does solution wide analysis not work well when using assembly references rather than project references? Thanks in advance!


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